In accordance with resolution of AzİMETİ, main purpose and duties of its activity consist of followings for development and improvement of republic construction complex: 
- Implementation of scientific researches in construction and architectural scientific sphere;
- study of the behavior of buildings during earthquakes and strong winds in the design and use of these observations, obtained with the help of modern seismometers installed in buildings of various types;
- Research in the field of enhancing the durability and reliability of buildings and structures during the operation and during natural disasters (earthquakes, landslides and other processes);
- survey of building designs and construction materials of buildings and structures;
- Development of new designs of buildings and structures, improvement of calculation methods and analysis of the results obtained by these methods;
- Study of soil structures and foundations;
- Research in the construction of buildings and structures in difficult ground conditions (landslides, swelling, subsidence) and giving feedback on the relevant projects;
- development of projects for the rehabilitation and strengthening of buildings and structures in order to increase their stability and providing spatial rigidity;
- Development of guidelines and manuals for the use of research results in the design and use them in practice.
     For 30 years AzİMETİ were performed more than 1,000 scientific researches, engineering and survey work. Research results obtained were used in the design and practice. Their application to enhance, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures undergoing deformation during their operation, as well as during disasters, allows the safe use of historical and modern buildings.