Events and conferences


    International scientific-technical conference was held on October 16-17, 2014 in theme of “Scientific-technical progress in construction and architecture” dedicated for 30 years anniversary of foundation of Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Construction and Architecture (AzİMETİ), founded in 1984..


Following scientific directions were discussed in the conference:


  1. 1. Architecture and town planning.
    2. Earthquake-resistant constructions.
    3. Building constructions, building and structures.
    4. Geo-techniques and ecology of construction.
    5. Construction materials.
    6. Organization and management of construction.


      56 of scientific articles received from scientist of separate scientific institutions of Azerbaijan and countries such as Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia were published as conference material collection to the address of organizational commission of international conference “Scientific-technical progress in Construction and Architecture”.
        More than 150 scientists and professional specialists, as well as scientists from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan participated in conference work.
      Mr. A.N. Garayev, director of Institute informed conference participants in his speech that, institute settled problems successfully during 30 years; republic turned into leading scientific foci of construction complex and republic has strong scientific potential currently.
     Representatives of various organizations of the republic, performing in the conference, informed that, works commissioned to the institute during 30 years were executed with high quality and professionalism and indicated they are sure that, scientific-technical potential of AzİMETİwill settle problems occurred during working processes.
        Both foreign and Azerbaijani scientists, participated in the conference discussed the most actual problems of construction and architecture sciences- architectural monuments of Azerbaijan, earthquake-resistant buildings, foundations, basics and geo-techniques, standard documents and others widely.
        Foreignguestsparticipatingintheconference: Mr. G.G. Farenyuk, directorof Kyiv (Ukraine) BuildingConstructionsSTI, E.M. Shokbarov, directorofAlmatiSeismicResearchesCenter, KazakhstanRepublic, J.I. Gigineishvili, Directorof “Progresi”LTD, Georgian Republic, BurakToydemir, from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey (Istanbul city), V.A. Veshnyakov, from RF Archangelsk Construction and Architecture University and others emphasized that, AzİMETİ (ASRICA)has its gift in nowadays success of Azerbaijan and also positive effect of economic development of the country to the activity of institute and wished successes to institute staff.




G.G. Farenyuk, directorofKyiv (Ukraine) BuildingConstructionsSTI, 
E.M. Shokbarov, directorofAlmatiSeismicResearchesCenter, KazakhstanRepublic, 
J.I. Gigineishvili, Directorof“Progresi”LTD, Georgian Republic
BurakToydemir, Yildiz Technical University (Turkey).