Building and sturctures diagnostics


   Work on the definition of seismic stability of buildings and engineering screening, enhance and restore structures damaged, exposed to the strain of damaged buildings and structures, as well as to strengthen their foundations and ground bases are conducted AzİMETİ (ASRICA) in following areas:
- Evaluation of seismic stability in operation of buildings and structures in accordance with applicable building codes;
- engineering survey of buildings, which in poor condition and in need of renovation, development projects and proposals for their restoration and enhancement;
- Develop proposals for the survey of historical and architectural monuments, their protection, recovery and enhancement;
- Evaluation of the technical state of buildings and structures, development of recommendations and projects for their strengthening and rehabilitation;
- survey of foundations and bases of buildings and structures affected by the deformation of engineering and development activities and projects on their strengthening and rehabilitation;
- Assessment of the bearing capacity and determination of physical and mechanical properties of materials bearing structures of buildings;
- Supervise the quality of construction materials (concrete, reinforcement) construction of buildings under construction.
   AzİMETİconducted thousands of research and surveys in these areas since the formation up to and the results have been investigated:
   Engineering surveys have been conducted, and recommendations and projects for reconstruction and strengthening of structures subjected to strain, came to the emergency status of hundreds of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures, including such unique buildings, as being one of the architectural gems of Baku, the building of the Azerbaijan State Philharmonics, the building of the Baku State University, the National Drama Theatre, Young Spectator Theatre, the Chamber of Ministers, the Cultural Centre named after Shahriyar, Russian Drama Theatre, Puppet theater, the cinema building named after Nizami, cinema "Araz", "Azerbaijan" and many others.
Landslide territories of Bayil and Ahmadli slopes of Baku city, other sliding zones, and landslide zones in separate territories of the republic were investigated, engineering suggestions for provision of safety were given and recommendations were processed.