1. According to the results of scientific activity of the Institute staff, it received over 200 patents.
    The results of the research work were repeatedly exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the former Soviet Union and in the venues of other countries, it was awarded 7 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze medals.
    For achievements in science and their introduction, some members of the Institute were awarded various governmental awards:
    1. Laureate of LeninKomsomolRepublicaward (2 pers.) For the work: "Construction of skyscrapers and the development of efficient building technologies for their construction."
    2. Laureate of All-Union Lenin Komsomolaward (1 pers.) For the work "Development of eco-friendly designs from recycled materials."
    3. Award of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1 pers.) For the work "Development of efficient methods of construction of water management structures on clay soils."
    4. Laureate of the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements (5 pers.).
    5. The honorary title "Honored architect of the Republic" (2 pers.).